Saigon Restaurant is dedicated to preparing and serving authentic and high-quality Vietnamese food. Saigon takes pride in presenting the finest Vietnamese food which not only gains the approval of the local Vietnamese, but also greatly appeals to those western foodies who are looking to indulge in some heavenly healthy South East Asian cuisine.
In accordance with the traditions of preparing authentic Vietnamese food, Saigon is focused on precision and attention to detail. As healthy food is such a cornerstone of Vietnamese cuisine, our well-experienced chefs are sure to cook in a manner that stresses good and healthy eating.


Our vegetables, served very generously, are always fresh. If they are boiled or stir-fried, they are done so sparingly in order to keep in all those vitamins and minerals which do the body good! Additionally, we use only the finest grain of rice and never add any non-essentials. Any oil used to cook is always kept to a minimum. You’re guaranteed to get the best out of what you’re eating!
Let’s not forget about presentation. When you dine out at a restaurant, you expect professionalism as well as a vibrant ambiance and enjoyable experience. That is exactly what you will get when you come to our restaurant. Whether it’s our starters (such as our scrumptious spring rolls) or our main course, (perhaps a hearty bowl of pho), you’ll be severed with top-notch care.

JLT Branch

SÀI GÒN - Original

Lake Terrace Tower,
Balcony Level,
Cluster D - JLT

Amazing view on the Lake and Almas Tower

Public Parking available on the same level, between Indigo Tower and Lake Terrace Tower

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